SIPslice IP Converter: Simplifying Serial to TCP/IP Communication

Streamline the integration of electricity, water, gas, and other meters in your building with ease. Effortlessly connect to your Building Management System using an IP connection.

Explore our SIPslice IP Converter, the solution that streamlines the conversion of ModBus, M-Bus, and pulse/digital input values into ModBus or M-Bus TCP/IP. With a compact footprint, LED indicators, versatile protocol support, and more, this product offers a straightforward and cost-effective solution for your communication needs.

Unlock Seamless Communication

The Synapsys SIPslice IP Converter is designed to efficiently convert ModBus, M-Bus, or pulse/digital input values to ModBus, M-Bus TCP/IP. It utilises built-in web pages for configuring the necessary communication parameters required to make the transformation from serial communications to the TCP/IP network.

Once configured, the SIPslice IP Converter enables the seamless transfer of information from a network of ModBus or M-Bus serial slave addresses to ModBus or M-Bus TCP/IP Master(s). The digital/pulse acquisition input becomes a unique address on the fieldbus TCP/IP network.

The hardware's small footprint makes it ideal for integration within panels and other space-constrained locations.

SIPslice IP Converters provide:

  • Simultaneous Network Integration: Multiple serial networks to IP through one device
  • M-Bus Interface: Communicate with and power up to 60 M-Bus meters
  • RS485 Interface: Connect up to 32 Modbus devices seamlessly
  • RS232 Interface: Connect a single Modbus slave address with ease
  • Built-In TCP/IP Interface: Seamlessly integrate into your LAN infrastructure.
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet): Simplify installation with power and data over a single cable
  • Easy Configuration: Set up via built-in webpages, no additional software required
  • Budget-friendly pricing

Simplifying Our Solutions

At Synapsys, we're committed to enhancing the commissioning process for the interfacing solutions we provide. Drawing on our expertise and years of experience, we've developed free, easy commissioning tools that simplify the process.

Discover how SIPslice IP Converter can make your communication needs more efficient. Download our product brochure for more information.

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