LiGO+ Lighting Control: Complete lighting control with simple system integration

Immerse yourself in the world of intelligent lighting control with LiGO+, the flexible and cost-effective choice for transforming your lighting systems. Whether you're aiming to maximise energy savings, enhance the look and feel of your spaces, or implement Circadian Rhythm lighting for improved occupant well-being, LiGO+ delivers a feature-packed solution designed to simplify and improve lighting control in any building, large or small.

System Controls and Tools:

Discover a range of system controls and tools, including energy monitoring, LED hours run/maintenance, emergency lighting and reporting, data export options, condition monitoring, integration with BMS or third-party systems, and alarm reporting.

Key Features:

  • DALI and DALI 2 Standard: Built on the manufacturer-independent DALI / DALI 2 standard, LiGO+ ensures flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and easy engineering for lighting systems.
  • Versatile Functionality: LiGO+ seamlessly operates as a standalone system or integrates effortlessly with larger building management systems, providing adaptability for diverse requirements.
  • Tuneable White, Circadian Rhythm, and RGB Colour Control: With a range of features, including Tuneable White, Circadian Rhythm, and RGB colour control, LiGO+ empowers you to customise lighting scenarios, re-purpose spaces, and improve overall aesthetics.

Intelligence Out-of-the-Box:

Experience the simplicity of LiGO+ with:

Embedded Tools: LiGO+ includes embedded tools and pre-programmed smart lighting control algorithms, allowing quick luminaire grouping, scene setting, and optimal LED control right out of the box.

Connectivity: LiGO+ effortlessly connects with and reports to other building systems, making it an essential solution for achieving the best performance and energy savings.

Tunable white: LiGO+ provides tunable white lighting which enables occupants to adjust the colour of light from warm to neutral to cool in appearance, based on applications, event needs, and occupant preference.

Circadian Rhythm Lighting Control: Understand the impact of lighting on well-being with Circadian Rhythm lighting control. LiGO+ has the ability to control LEDs to mimic the sun's color cycle throughout the day, positively influencing health, alertness, and productivity in sectors such as healthcare and corporate environments.

Energy Monitoring and Savings: LiGO+ can provide values for apparent power/energy and active power/energy, providing unprecedented access to lighting energy data for accurate monitoring. Integration with our iNSIGHT Energy & Building Information Service (EBIS) enhances energy-saving capabilities.

Emergency Testing and Reporting: Peace of mind with LiGO+'s built-in Test Scheduler, enabling automatic functional and duration tests. Results can be stored in the system or sent via email. LiGO+ also supports central battery systems for added peace of mind.

Easy to engineer and adjust:

LiGO+ does not require any ongoing license, subscription fees or expensive tools to engineer, while end users can make changes to the system themselves with ease through web pages that offer:

  • Time Zone Control
  • Emergency Override
  • Alarm Reporting
  • Energy Graphs
  • Emergency Light Test Reporting

Contact us to today and find out about the potential of LiGO+ to unlock impressive cost and energy savings, creating improved environments for occupants across diverse buildings.

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