iNSIGHT Energy Building Information Software

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Discover our comprehensive monitoring platform that seamlessly combines Building Energy and Building Management Systems (BMS) data. Our cloud-based solution, EBIS, simplifies data correlation, analysis, and reporting, offering both single and multi-site options.

The Challenge of Energy Management

Continuous improvement in energy management demands real information. Building managers often grapple with data from metering systems and Building Management Systems (BMS), making analysis complex and inefficient.

EBIS: Bridging the Gap

EBIS integrates these two data sets into a unified source, empowering building and energy managers with a holistic view. Consumption trends are easily identified and acted upon through customisable charts. This strategic approach allows managers to optimise control strategies, resulting in substantial savings.

EBIS enables users to view and analyse

  • Energy consumption and Carbon Footprint
  • Plant status mapped against energy consumption
  • Comparisons over different date ranges
  • Cross-site comparisons
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly profiles
  • And much more

User-Friendly Tools

EBIS offers user-friendly tools for enhanced data understanding, including a Data Point linking tool, Dashboard builder, and Energy profiles. Reporting is simplified with tools like PDF Builder and Historical Data export, fostering improvements in building systems.

Single or Multi-Site Flexibility

EBIS is a scalable, cloud-based solution, providing flexibility in monitoring—from a single building to an entire campus or multiple sites across the country. Users can access data remotely, and the software cost is based on the number of points required, offering freedom from location constraints.

Added Functionality

Beyond traditional EMS systems, EBIS excels in providing more functionality. It seamlessly integrates BMS points and maps them against energy data points, allowing users to display meter values alongside related BMS values. This extra functionality enables enhanced efficiency analysis, temperature plotting on energy graphs, and the overlay of occupancy hours.

iNSIGHT EBIS enables

  • BMS points to be displayed
  • Meter data to be displayed
  • Plant status to be displayed
  • Plant condition to be displayed
  • Plant runtime to be displayed
  • Display and overlay occupancy hours
  • Energy comparisons by area/building/estate
  • Daily/weekly/monthly/profile displays
  • Comparisons over different date ranges
  • Display energy values and consumption, overlaying BMS values and status
  • Display temperature values on energy graphs
  • Data point linking tool to create "Virtual meters"
  • Data point linking tool to create "Spaces"
  • PDF report creation
  • Export data via CSV/XML
  • Easily customised dashboard for each user

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