Synapsys Solutions develops and supplies innovative solutions for the intelligent building control industry.

In 2001, two engineers, Harvey Roft and Andy Devine, came together to establish Synapsys Solutions, a pioneering force in the intelligent building control industry.

Our commitment to innovation has driven the development and delivery of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions that enhance building performance, sustainability, and the overall well-being of building occupants.

Our diverse portfolio includes a range of SIP hardware technologies for energy, data, and seamless integration. Additionally, we offer software services catering to billing and building performance monitoring. LiGO smart lighting controls, along with partner products from Lunatone and B-meters, further exemplify our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions.

At Synapsys, our mission is to offer cost-effective solutions that enhance communication and coordination among building plant, systems, equipment, and users. We empower our clients by revealing the inner workings of their buildings, enabling them to understand, refine, and optimise their overall performance.

Employee Ownership

Employee Ownership – A New Chapter

Since September 14, 2022, Synapsys Solutions has embarked on a new chapter as an employee-owned business, operating through an employee ownership trust (EOT). This ownership model lays the foundation for the continued success and independence of our company.

The decision to transition to an employee-owned business was fuelled by a commitment to long-term continuity, product innovation, customer choice, and a deep acknowledgment of the invaluable contributions made by our dedicated employees.

Expertise at the Core

Expertise at the Core

Throughout our company, our extensive technical and engineering knowledge has enabled us to develop a wide array of products and software solutions, including energy monitoring, building performance monitoring, tenant billing, energy apportionment, smart lighting controls, OEM solutions, HVAC controls, VRF/VRV controls, data loggers, power monitoring solutions, data acquisition solutions as well as BACnet BMS, and Trend BMS interfaces. All of our products and software solutions have been created with innovation, cost effectiveness and reliability at there core.

Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence

Our engineering experience empowers us to create standardised solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also quick and easy to commission. The SIP hardware product ranges have been meticulously designed to cater to a broad spectrum of engineering competencies, ultimately reducing engineering time and costs for our valued customers.

The Synapsys Team

The Synapsys Team

While our innovative product range serves as the initial attraction for our customers, it is our unwavering commitment to customer support that fosters enduring relationships. Whether interacting with our technical support, engineering, sales, or research and development teams, you can be confident that each member is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your requirements.

Together, with our colleagues in marketing, administration, and operations roles, we are proud to form a robust team capable of delivering products, expertise, and customer service to address the evolving needs of the building controls industry.

We work with the best

Our innovative product range is what brings our customers to us, but technical expertise is only part of what we do. It’s our strong focus on customer support that builds the long-term relationships we maintain with our clients.

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