SOLUTIONS FOR Offices and Large Corporate Buildings

Elevating Efficiency in Offices and Large Corporate Buildings

Efficiency is paramount in the workplace, especially in offices and large corporate buildings where climate control and extensive ICT equipment use are the norm. These structures often consume substantial energy, but with their scale, even minor adjustments can result in significant improvements to energy performance. Synapsys offers tailored solutions that not only enhance energy efficiency but also directly contribute to reducing operational costs and bolstering profits.

How Synapsys Can Make a Difference:

  • Energy Monitoring and Staff Engagement: Gain insights into energy consumption through monitoring, accompanied by public displays for staff engagement.
  • BMS Integration for Improved Efficiency: Interface heating and cooling systems with BMS (Trend/BACnet) to optimize energy efficiency.
  • Comfortable Working Environment: Integrate building services to ensure a comfortable working environment for occupants.
  • Intelligent lighting controls: Control, adjust and enhance occupant comfort, while maximising energy and cost savings.

Initiating energy monitoring serves as the initial step toward gaining control over the operational costs of corporate buildings. Understanding where and when energy is utilised enables informed energy efficiency strategies, and public displays showcasing energy performance can inspire behavioral changes among occupants.

The integration of building services with BMS (Trend/BACnet) extends energy efficiency improvements across the entire corporate estate. For larger organizations, including FTSE 100 companies, Synapsys employs data analytics to pinpoint potential savings with precision.

Synapsys contributes to enhancing energy efficiency in offices and corporate buildings through:

Ease of integration

Energy Monitoring and Metering:

Implement advanced monitoring for effective energy management.

Ease of integration

Essential Plant and Equipment Integration:

Interface HVAC and air handling equipment with on-site BMS systems (Trend/BACnet).

Ease of integration

OEM Controls for Seamless Integration:

Provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) controls to ensure the seamless integration of plant room equipment with BMS.

Ease of integration

Precise lighting Controls:

Maximise cost and energy savings of the lighting being used while enhancing user comfort and wellbeing.

In alignment with our commitment to streamlining engineering solutions, Synapsys offers comprehensive tools and support. Our multiprotocol hardware solutions have a compact footprint, and ensure reliability and cost effective solutions for any project.

Discover the synergy of simplicity and effectiveness in building system interfacing with Synapsys—your partner in advancing efficiency and creating optimal working environments for offices and large corporate structures.

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