PROCON Melco SIP+ Mitsubishi Interface: Streamlined Integration for Optimal Performance

Seamless Data Integration for Mitsubishi AC Network Devices

Discover the power of PROCON Melco SIP+, the solution that simplifies the integration of values from devices connected to the Mitsubishi AC network. This versatile product range allows you to expose these values to a designated IP network range, enabling compatibility with a variety of systems, including BMS (BACnet or Trend), SCADA systems, and IoT platforms (MQTT/REST).

Unlock the Potential of Mitsubishi AC Network Devices

The PROCON Melco SIP+ product range is purpose-built to facilitate the extraction of values from devices communicating with the Mitsubishi AE200 controller. These values are then seamlessly integrated into your chosen network, allowing controllers within your integration network/system to optimize site performance by implementing the necessary control strategies.

Key Features of PROCON Melco SIP+:

  • Supports up to 4 Melco Instances (1 per AC network)
  • Handles a maximum of 50 units per AC network
  • Capable of managing up to 1250 points per Melco instance, with a maximum of 5000 points (across 4 Melco instances) from any compatible unit
  • Compatible with BMS applications
  • Compatible with IoT applications
  • Compatible with SCADA applications

Hardware Features:

  • Fire input port
  • 2 x Ethernet Ports
  • 1 x RS485 Port (ModBus Master connectivity)
  • 1 x RS232 Port (ModBus Master connectivity)

Supported Protocols:

  • Mitsubishi AE200, EW50, and AG150
  • BACnet/IP: Single BACnet network, BACnet Server (supports a maximum of 100 BICs)
  • REST Server: Supports REST API
  • MQTT: Compatible with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google IOT Core via a third-party Broker
  • ModBus Slave: Single TCP/IP (supports 3 x masters) or Serial driver (supports 1 x master)
  • vIQ: Single UDP Group, Trend LAN (supports a maximum of 100 vIQ Out Stations)

For more information about our PROCON Melco SIP+ solution, please refer to our product sheet below. To speak with a member of our team, please call us at 01444 246 128. Explore our range of SIP solutions here.

*Please note that this product does not support QAHV and CAHV.

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