Smart buildings systems, integrated simply

Conquer the complexity of integrating building systems, software, plant, and IoT

Get a new level of control, visibility, and insight

Ease of integration


Easily connect disparate building systems and plant, bringing their controls and data into a centralised place.

Lighting controls solutions


Using data-driven insights, optimise control strategies and site performance. Achieve the ideal balance between energy consumption, occupant experience, and productivity.

Lighting controls solutions


Capture and quantify consumption and cost reduction. Share data with anyone who needs it and empower everyone to accelerate the journey to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Net Zero goals.

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Key benefits

Easily connect disparate systems, plant, IoT, meters, and more

Whatever your smart building system type, network protocol, or hardware manufacturer, you can unify them easily with our integration solutions.

Make sense of your data and unlock its value

Unify data from different systems, mine impactful insights, and create advanced control strategies that take variable conditions into account to improve your building performance, faster.

Fast time to value, long-term ROI

Start identifying consumption reduction opportunities, fast, with simple installations, integrations, and deployments - even if you’re retrofitting. Create continuous improvement pipelines for your buildings, plant, and estate to achieve incremental savings year-on-year

Drive Net Zero and ESG faster and more precisely

With near-real-time data, reports and powerful analysis tools, you get the answers you need to optimise your sustainability initiatives and investments.

Lower total cost of ownership

Our durable hardware lasts for years and needs less maintenance than alternative options. You spend less to keep them functioning optimally and replace them less often

Key features

Easy to install

Whether you’re retrofitting or installing into new buildings.

Easy to integrate

Connect your systems independently, or get support from our team.

Fast to deploy

Get set up and start using your system quickly. Deploy independently or with support from our team.

Unifies siloed data

See all your data in a single location and automatically prepare it for analysis.

Cost effective

Works with your existing infrastructure, and you pay no licence fees.

Powerful analytics, customisable reports

Get data insights on easy to read dashboards that drive accurate and impactful building performance management strategies.


Who succeeds with Synapsys Integration Solutions for smart building systems

SKANSKA brings entire team on their sustainability journey by making easily accessible, highly relevant energy performance insights available to everyone

We wanted a system that’s easy for our communications team to use to upload information, with an RSS feed and a video capability for more varied, topical and eye-catching displays. Also we needed a system that works with tablets, due to the high number of mobile devices we use. And of course we liked the fact that with the Synapsys system there’s no ongoing charges for software, so we settled on SIPe as the front end of the new energy monitoring programme.

The FM team really likes the new system, as the graphical display makes it easy to see if there’s an unexpected spike in energy use at the weekend, for example, so we can investigate any anomalies.

Sean Smith

Senior project manager, SKANSKA


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