OEM Software Solutions

Our iNSIGHT SaaS solutions for Billing and Energy and Building optimisation are available to white label, enabling our customers to provide their own end users with a system which is proven and can be styled to suit their own branding.

iNSIGHT Software

iNSIGHT is the name for our cloud based software as a service solutions that we offer to the market. Using our extensive knowledge of building controls, interfacing, data acquisition and energy monitoring we have created solutions which are fit for purpose and deliver the features and functionality customers require.

Our iNSIGHT solutions are cost effective, easily to use and reliable, building on the principles we have always applied when creating our proven hardware solutions.

We offer software solutions which can be white labeled for:

White-Label Opportunities:

  • Energy Building Information Software: Simplify energy management with our cloud-based solution, merging data from metering systems and Building Management Systems (BMS). This empowers building and energy managers with comprehensive data for informed decision-making, displayed in customisable charts to identify consumption trends easily.
  • Automated Tenant Billing: iNSIGHT Billing seamlessly integrates utility consumption data for automated tenant billing. Developed to comply with Heat Network Regulations, it ensures fair billing based on actual energy usage. Automatically bill tenants, set tariffs, even bill tenants based on apportioned energy usage. The system portal also connects landlords and tenants, making the monitoring of energy bills and usage available to all.

If you would like to know more about white labeling our software solutions please give us a call on 01444 246128 or drop us an email.

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