Intelligent lighting control solutions for commercial buildings

Complete lighting control with zero integration complexity

Advanced smart lighting automation, affordable cost

Get all the cost-control, efficiency-driving, and productivity-boosting benefits of an advanced, intelligent lighting control solution, but without the integration complexities and inflated costs.

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Key benefits

Intelligent lighting control solutions, simple integrations and set up

Start reducing consumption and cutting costs quickly. Use as a standalone system or easily integrate with your existing building systems and IoT environment. Use pre-programmed smart lighting control algorithms for near-instant set up, or quickly customise settings using built-in tooling.

Cost-effective and genuinely green

Reduce capital costs and landfill by keeping your existing infrastructure. Pay no licence or subscription fees, and - thanks to our durable hardware - spend less on maintenance, repairs and replacements to reduce your total cost of ownership

Optimise lighting conditions with advanced functionality

Rapidly reduce energy costs while optimising lighting conditions with advanced functionality and automations. Use colour controls to change the look and feel of a room, tuneable white light to boost occupants’ performance and well-being, plus much more

Improve visibility into usage and take control of consumption and costs

Adapt your lighting for optimum consumption and cost control, and use in-built graphs to discover usage trends. Instantly identify and respond to anomalies to reduce wastage and improve occupants’ experience.

Be confident in compliance and safety standards

Automatically test emergency lighting at any time for maximum confidence in safety standards. And, accelerate your journey to meeting the upcoming increases in the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for commercial buildings.

Key features

Flexible, connected

Use as a standalone system or easily integrate with BMS, building systems, and IoT environments.

DALI and DALI2 standards

Complete interchangeability and interoperability of lighting system components.

Colour control

Instantly change a room’s look and feel.

Tuneable white light

Optimise conditions for occupants.

Pre-programmed algorithms

Get started quickly and easily.

Graphs and dashboards

Impactful graphs to visualise usage trends and identify anomalies.

Intuitive interface

Easily access system set-up, create reports, and adjust settings.

Advanced safety features

Emergency override, alarm reporting, emergency light test reporting and more.

Cardiff Uni

Who succeeds with Synapsys Intelligent Lighting Control Solutions

Annual savings of 417 tonnes of CO2 emissions and £89,600 for The National Gallery

The LiGO control system has enabled us to integrate a digital dimming system for our LED lighting that is able to actually talk 
to our BMS system.

With our previous system we could only switch on and off, whereas LiGO has enabled us to progressively dim and bring up the light in conjunction with daylight levels.

Steve Van Dyke

Head of Building and Facilities, The National Gallery, London


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