Enhancing Data Centre Performance and Efficiency

Ensuring the uninterrupted operation and efficiency of data centres, whether individual or co-located, requires specialised solutions tailored to the unique challenges within this built environment. Synapsys recognises that even minor adjustments to power, energy, and building services systems can have a profound impact on data centre performance and overall operational costs at this scale.

How Synapsys Provides Assistance

  • Proactive Anomaly Identification for Uptime Assurance: Identify power usage anomalies before they interrupt uptime, ensuring continuous and reliable service
  • BMS Integration for Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: Interface building services, particularly cooling systems, with BMS for optimized energy efficiency.
  • Intelligent Lighting Controls: Control, adjust and enhance occupant comfort, while maximising energy and cost savings.
  • Billing Accuracy Improvement at Rack Level: Enhance billing accuracy by providing detailed power usage information down to rack level

Data centres operate round the clock in tightly controlled environments, resulting in substantial energy consumption. Managing the power requirements of both building services and installed IT is critical in these specialized settings, where uninterrupted service is of paramount importance.

Each data centre houses numerous business-critical functions, making continuity of service a top priority. Co-located data centres introduce additional challenges, requiring meticulous control over the load of installed equipment and precise customer billing.

Synapsys contributes to enhancing data centre energy efficiency through

Ease of integration

Power Monitoring Solutions:

Includes AC power monitoring, branch circuit monitoring, and DC power monitoring options

Ease of integration

Energy Monitoring and Metering:

Implement advanced monitoring and metering for comprehensive energy management

Ease of integration

Precise lighting Controls:

Maximise cost and energy savings of the lighting being used.

Ease of integration

Essential Plant and Equipment Integration:

Interface HVAC and chillers with on-site BMS systems (Trend/BACnet).

Ease of integration

OEM Controls for Seamless Integration:

Provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) controls to seamlessly integrate plant room equipment with BMS

Ease of integration

Outsourced Energy Analytics

Acquire performance data for comprehensive, outsourced energy analytics

Aligned with our commitment to streamlining engineering solutions, Synapsys offers comprehensive tools and support. Our multiprotocol hardware solutions have a compact footprint, and ensure reliability and cost effective solutions for any project.

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of building system interfacing with Synapsys—your partner in advancing data centre energy efficiency and safeguarding the continuous operation of critical functions.

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