SIP+ Data IF Acquisition: Unleashing the Power of Smart Data

Empowering Better Building Performance Through Smart Data

Explore SIP+ Data IF Acquisition, the solution that simplifies and accelerates BMS data collection, integration, and data transfer from your building's plant and systems. This powerful tool is designed to handle vast amounts of data, enabling in-depth analysis of building performance. By uncovering patterns and trends in energy consumption, it paves the way for a future of significant energy savings.

Unlock the Smart Data in Your Building

Data acquisition is now easier than ever with our multi-protocol SIP+ Data IF Acquisition hardware. This innovative hardware extracts data from Building Management Systems, sensors, meters, and more, allowing for analysis and integration with various systems and platforms, including our own iNSIGHT EBIS/Billing and third-party solutions. This analysis can pinpoint areas for energy consumption reduction and cost savings in your buildings or estates.

The SIP+ Data IF Acquisition product excels at gathering near real-time data from a wide range of plant, sensors, meters, and systems, such as gas, electricity, temperature, biomass, humidity, power usage meters, and more. This data is collected at regular intervals and can be reported through email, FTP, secure SFTP, FTPS, or queried directly via MySQL to various third-party systems like data analytics or billing providers. It can also interface with Trend, BACnet, or Modbus BMS.

SIP+ Data IF is a flexible and cost-effective solution designed to receive and transmit data via multiple protocols, including Modbus, M-Bus, BACnet, Trend, and IoT (MQTT and REST). The quantity and quality of smart data it gathers offer ample opportunities for meaningful analysis, allowing even minor efficiency fluctuations to be monitored, identified, and adjusted. When scaled up, these small improvements can result in significant reductions in running costs.

SIP+ Data IF simplifies a complex process, helping organizations harness the potential of the smart building performance data at their disposal.

The device collects values from M-Bus, ModBus, BACnet, or Trend Network (BMS Data acquisition) and MQTT-enabled devices, taking multiple readings from around a building or estate at minimum 5-minute intervals (typically every 15 minutes). The collected data can include measurement points for:

  • Building Management and Energy Management systems
  • IoT Sensors
  • Presence detection
  • Occupancy
  • Metrics
  • Variable speed drives HVAC systems
  • Gas / Electricity / Water and Biomass meters
  • Humidity / Temperature sensors
  • Power usage meters
  • Output drives for fans
  • HVAC systems
  • Heating and cooling parameters
  • And many more sensors, systems, and plant

The device also provides a Trend BMS network diagnostic (metadata) report via a specially created profile, helping identify and rectify network faults.

Available in 500 / 1000 / 2000 / 4000 / 6000 input point variants, these devices are fully compatible with our SIPslice M-Bus and SIPslice Serial products, making it even easier to integrate your building's plant and systems.

Commissioning the device is a breeze with our new SIP Tool, designed for easy and efficient commissioning.

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