Building and energy monitoring solution

Extract insights from your data and empower decisions that rapidly reduce consumption, cost, and emissions

Unify building and energy data and turn it into actionable insights

Lighting controls solutions

Get clarity

Unify data from your BMS and metering systems to get total visibility into your building and plant performance.

Lighting controls solutions

Get answers

See consumption trend changes as they happen, and effortlessly identify the root cause of anomalies.

Lighting controls solutions

Get ahead

Make faster, more impactful decisions on your sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives to get ahead of targets.

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Key benefits

Easily extend your visibility into plant and building performance

Automatically combine data from multiple sources to see how energy is being used across your sites, from rooms and spaces through to individual plant. Then, create effective data-driven control initiatives to drive consumption down faster.

Get the answers you need to fix anomalies fast

Effortlessly identify the root cause of unusual consumption increases and take action to address it.

Get the provision you need, pay only for what you use

With costs based on the number of data points you aggregate into the software, you can right-size provision to your needs. Cover multiple sites, a single site, or even individual rooms, and scale provision as your needs change.

Drive Net Zero and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) faster and more precisely

With near-real-time data, reports and powerful analysis tools, you get the answers you need to optimise your sustainability initiatives and investments. Achieve better outcomes more efficiently.

Key features


Scale provision as your needs change.

Easy to integrate

Connect your systems independently, or get support from our team.

Fast to deploy

Get set up and start using your system quickly. Deploy independently or with support from our team.

Unifies siloed data

See consumption, plant, and meter data in a single dashboard.

Intuitive interface and reports builder

Easily customise dashboards and reports for individual users. Analyse the big picture, go granular, or anywhere in between.

Powerful analytics

Compare consumption across sites, spaces, plant, date ranges and more.

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