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Advancing Energy Efficiency in Educational Institutions

Efficient management of energy is crucial for schools and universities, which often boast vast and intricate campuses encompassing sports facilities, ICT suites, cafeterias, and student accommodation. In addressing these diverse challenges, Synapsys provides tailored solutions that allow educational institutions to balance user comfort with the ability to achieve energy savings. Estate managers are empowered to exercise precise control over energy use, ensuring a harmonious equilibrium.

How Synapsys Facilitates Improvement

  • Energy Monitoring for Student Engagement: Gain insights into energy consumption through monitoring, complemented by public displays for student engagement
  • BMS Integration for Enhanced Efficiency: Interface heating and cooling systems with BMS (Trend/BACnet) to optimize energy efficiency
  • Intelligent Lighting Controls: Control, adjust and enhance occupant comfort, while maximising energy and cost savings
  • ICT Infrastructure Power Monitoring: Safeguard the power supply to ICT equipment, vital for seamless educational operations

Educational estates encompassing multiple sites and accommodating a large number of users benefit significantly from precise energy performance data. This data not only meets the demand for accountability and environmental best practices but also forms the foundation for comprehensive energy efficiency strategies.

Public displays showcasing energy performance serve as effective tools for raising awareness and instigating behavioral change. Abundant data on energy use becomes a source of inspiration for a wide range of learning activities.

Synapsys contributes to the enhancement of energy efficiency in schools, colleges, and universities through:

Ease of integration

Energy Monitoring and Metering:

Implement advanced monitoring for effective energy management

Ease of integration

Precise lighting Controls:

Maximise cost and energy savings of the lighting being used while enhancing user comfort and wellbeing

Ease of integration

Power Monitoring for ICT Infrastructure:

Safeguard the power supply to ICT equipment for uninterrupted educational activities

Ease of integration

Essential Plant and Equipment Integration:

Interface HVAC and chillers with on-site BMS systems (Trend/BACnet).

Ease of integration

OEM Controls for Seamless Integration:

Provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) controls to ensure the seamless integration of plant room equipment with BMS

Aligned with our commitment to streamlining engineering solutions, Synapsys offers comprehensive tools and support. Our multiprotocol hardware solutions have a compact footprint, and ensure reliability and cost effective solutions for any project.

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of building system interfacing with Synapsys—your partner in advancing energy efficiency and creating optimal environments for educational institutions.

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