Tenant billing software

Automatically create and distribute compliant, accurate tenant utility bills without blowing your budget

Automatically bill tenants on energy usage or apportionment

Efficiently and compliantly bill tenants for utilities without facing unpredictable and fluctuating subscription costs. Get all the benefits of an automated, advanced, and flexible tenant billing software system for a fixed fee.

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Key benefits

Flexible, compliant tenant billing

Easily bill tenants based on actual usage or apportionment calculated using access schedules and tenant demise areas. Set different billing conditions and multiple tariffs for individual tenants if needed.

Cost effective

Control your costs with a fixed-fee pricing model, based on contract length and the number of data points you need.

Maximise efficiency

Replace time-consuming, error-prone manual billing processes with a streamlined, automated alternative. Use a single system over multiple sites for maximum simplicity and consistency.

Drive Net Zero and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets faster

Give tenants access to their usage insights and more ownership over cost and consumption reduction.

Reliable performance

Let Synapsys proactively monitor and manage your tenant billing system to ensure downtimes doesn’t disrupt your billing processes and tenant experience.

Key features

Intuitive dashboard, simple set up

Set up and adjust automated billing processes quickly and simply on the tariff builder.

Flexible billing

Bill tenants at set intervals, for example monthly, or when predetermined conditions have been met.

Multi-tariff capability

Easily set multiple tariffs or unique tariffs for each occupier if needed.

Tenant portal

Give tenants control over their costs and consumption. Tenant portal comes complete with customisable insights dashboard and access to previous bills.

Consumption insights for property owners

See where energy is being used, spot trends and anomalies, and identify opportunities for consumption reduction

Fixed-fee cost structure

Pay a fixed, predictable fee based on the number of meters and the duration of the contract.

White labelled

Use your colourways and logo, and make the tenant billing system your own.

Monitoring service

Minimise data loss and billing complexities in the event of a malfunction. We can monitor your meters and get issues sorted before they create problems.

Who succeeds with Synapsys Tenant Billing Software

Legal and General boost compliance, efficiency, and occupier experience with tenant billing software

The ability to automatically apportion and invoice energy costs, based on actual demand ensures that occupiers only pay for the energy which they consume. This not only meets the requirements of the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations but it also provides greater visibility for our occupiers which will help us have more meaningful dialogues.

This initiative is just one of the ways that we are looking at to improve energy efficiencies and forms an important part of our wider sustainability strategy.

Debbie Hobbs

Head of Sustainability for LGIM Real Assets


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