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Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Healthcare Facilities

The constant activity within hospitals and medical centers, coupled with high occupancy levels, naturally results in a substantial demand for energy. In this critical environment, building services must harmonise to ensure user comfort, and a dependable power supply is indispensable for electronic medical equipment, where reliability can be a matter of life or death.

How Synapsys Provides Assistance:

  • Comprehensive Energy Understanding through Monitoring: Gain in-depth insights into energy consumption through advanced monitoring.
  • BMS Integration for Enhanced Efficiency: Interface building services, including heating and cooling systems, with BMS (Trend/BACnet) for optimised energy efficiency.
  • Intelligent lighting controls: Control, adjust and enhance occupant comfort, while maximising energy and cost savings.
  • User Comfort Maintenance through Integrated Building Services: Ensure user comfort by integrating building services such as heating and cooling.

Intelligent building control systems present an opportunity for significant energy savings, showcasing environmental best practices and contributing to meeting carbon emissions reduction targets for healthcare facility operators.

Energy monitoring serves as a pivotal tool, unveiling patterns of energy usage and informing comprehensive energy efficiency strategies. Public displays showcasing energy performance not only raise awareness among staff and visitors but also serve as catalysts for behavioral change.

Synapsys contributes to improving energy efficiency in NHS Trusts, hospitals, and medical centers through:

Ease of integration

Energy Monitoring and Metering

Implement advanced monitoring and metering for effective energy management.

Ease of integration

Precise lighting Controls:

Maximise cost and energy savings of the lighting being used while enhancing user comfort and wellbeing.

Ease of integration

Essential Plant and Equipment Integration:

Interface HVAC and chillers with on-site BMS systems (Trend/BACnet).

Ease of integration

OEM Controls for Seamless Integration:

Provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) controls to ensure seamless integration of plant room equipment with BMS.

Ease of integration

Outsourced Energy Analytics:

Acquire performance data for comprehensive, outsourced energy analytics.

Aligned with our commitment to streamlining engineering solutions, Synapsys offers comprehensive tools and support. Our multiprotocol hardware solutions have a compact footprint, and ensure reliability and cost effective solutions for any project.

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of building system interfacing with Synapsys—your partner in advancing energy efficiency and ensuring the continuous operation of critical healthcare functions.

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