Enhancing Efficiency in Industrial Settings

Optimising energy use in factories and manufacturing plants, characterised by fixed energy-intensive processes, poses a considerable challenge for organisations. Recognising the significance of incremental adjustments at this scale, Synapsys provides tailored solutions that not only refine energy performance but also directly contribute to reducing operational costs and enhancing profits.

How Synapsys Offers Assistance:

  • Energy Monitoring for Informed Decision-Making: Gain comprehensive insights into energy consumption through advanced monitoring.
  • Ensuring Business Continuity: Highlight issues related to energy or power performance to ensure uninterrupted business operations.
  • BMS Integration for Improved Efficiency: Interface heating and cooling systems with BMS (Trend/BACnet) to optimize energy efficiency.

Navigating complex processes within controlled environments, the manufacturing sector faces unique challenges in improving energy efficiency. Energy monitoring serves as the initial step, providing crucial information on when and where energy is utilised. This data aids in identifying inefficiencies in processes and equipment, forming the basis for informed energy efficiency strategies. Furthermore, the efficient integration of building services, such as interfacing temperature or humidity regulation equipment with BMS (Trend/BACnet), presents opportunities for improvement.

Synapsys contributes to enhancing energy efficiency in factories and manufacturing facilities through:

Ease of integration

Energy Monitoring and Metering:

Implement advanced monitoring for effective energy management.

Ease of integration

Essential Plant and Equipment Integration:

Interface HVAC and chillers with on-site BMS systems (Trend/BACnet).

Ease of integration

OEM Controls for Seamless Integration:

Provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) controls to ensure the seamless integration of plant room equipment with BMS.

Aligned with our commitment to streamlining engineering solutions, Synapsys offers comprehensive tools and support. Our multiprotocol hardware solutions have a compact footprint, and ensure reliability and cost effective solutions for any project.

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of building system interfacing with Synapsys—your partner in advancing energy efficiency and refining processes in industrial settings.

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