SIP Serial Slice: Expanding RS232 and RS485 Ports for SIP+

Enhance Communication Capabilities with Cost-Effective Serial Slice

Discover SIP Serial Slice, the solution that extends the number of RS232 and RS485 ports available to the SIP+ device, enabling it for use with multiple ModBus network applications and additional devices communicating through RS485 or RS232. With a compact design, easy installation, and seamless compatibility with our SIP+ hardware platform, this cost-effective solution simplifies your communication needs.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective solution for multiple ModBus network applications
  • Expands SIP+ with extra ports for RS485 and RS232 communications
  • Seamless integration with our SIP+ hardware platform
  • Easy to install and use
  • Small footprint
  • Backed by Synapsys' technical support

Effortless Data Transmission

The Synapsys SIP Serial Slice is designed to extend the SIP+ device's RS232 and RS485 ports for both receiving and transmitting data using the ModBus protocol. SIP Serial Slices are compact, support communications via RS232 or RS485, and are resistant to sustained short circuits, making them ideal for a wide range of power supply requirements.

RS232 allows connection to a single device, while RS485 permits connection to a network of up to 32 devices.

SIP Serial Slices include:

  • LED indicators for power, bus activity, health, and communications
  • 1 x RS232 connection
  • 1 x RS485 connection
  • Innovative DIN rail mounting system

Small Footprint, Big Efficiency

For more information about our SIP Serial Slice, please download our information sheet. Alternatively, you can contact us at 01444 246 128 or email us here to discuss your specific requirements.

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