Solutions for sport and leisure facilities
Centralising building services, improving energy efficiency
From small gyms to the largest stadiums - sports and leisure facilities are high users of energy. Air conditioning, swimming pool heating, floodlights, and underpitch heating can drive up energy requirements, so being in close control of energy use can make a big difference to running costs.
How can Synapsys help?
Understand energy use through energy monitoring
Reduce unnecessary use of underpitch heating to cut running costs
Interface building services such as heating and cooling to BMS (Trend/BACnet) for improved energy efficiency

Using energy monitoring to understand where and when energy is used is the first step in getting control of energy costs in any sport or leisure facility. It throws light on where savings can be made and reveals inefficient plant and equipment.

Although users of a facility may number in the tens of thousands, in large part the environment is centrally controlled, so co-ordinating building services in a central BMS can bring big improvements in energy efficiency.

Synapsys can help improve energy efficiency in sports and leisure facilities, with:

  • energy monitoring and metering;
  • linking underpitch heating to online weather forecast to reduce unnecessary use;
  • and interfacing essential plant and equipment such as HVAC and chillers with an onsite BMS system (Trend/BACnet).
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