SOLUTIONS FOR Social Housing

Enhancing Efficiency and Resident Comfort in Social Housing

Balancing government regulations, environmental targets, constrained budgets, and resident satisfaction is a formidable challenge for social housing providers. Synapsys offers tailored solutions to address these multifaceted concerns by promoting better integration of building services. This approach enhances energy efficiency, ultimately leading to reduced operational costs.

How Synapsys Makes a Difference:

  • Empowering Residents through Energy Monitoring: Foster energy awareness among residents by implementing advanced energy monitoring solutions.
  • Individualised Billing for Communal Systems: Enable individual billing even for communal systems, ensuring fairness and transparency in cost allocation.
  • Integration of Centralised Building Services: Interface central building services like heating and cooling with BMS platforms (Trend/BACnet) to optimize energy efficiency.

Social housing providers manage diverse property estates, ranging from ex-council homes to cutting-edge eco-projects. The challenge lies in navigating through a mix of heritage building services and the latest renewable technologies.

Affordability is crucial, and keeping bills reasonable is a priority. Synapsys provides energy monitoring and metering solutions across the property estate, offering a holistic view of energy efficiency. This not only facilitates individual billing but also empowers residents to make informed decisions, fostering behavioral change.

Synapsys contributes to improving energy efficiency for housing associations and social housing providers through:

Ease of integration

Energy Monitoring and Billing:

Implementing advanced solutions for comprehensive energy monitoring and utility billing solutions diverse housing types.

Ease of integration

Essential Plant and Equipment Integration:

Connecting vital components like HVAC and air handling systems with onsite BMS platforms (Trend/BACnet) for streamlined operation.

Ease of integration

Interface with Communal Area Services:

Facilitating the interface of heating and other communal services with online weather forecasts for optimal energy management.

Synapsys is dedicated to elevating energy efficiency standards in social housing, providing intelligent solutions that cater to the unique challenges of this vital sector.

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