SIP Weather data to TREND
Adapting building services to weather conditions

Linking a Trend BMS to an online weather forecasting system helps minimise energy waste. Controls can be set to adjust building services to weather conditions, maintaining comfort for building users, saving energy and cutting running costs.

Providing BMS with
Weather Data
To enhance control strategies
// Adapting building services to weather conditions

SIP Weather has been designed to easily interface between a Trend building management system (BMS) and an internet weather service set to give weather data for a specific location.

It allows building controls to be adjusted in response to predicted weather conditions, improving user comfort levels and reducing energy waste. For example, an office’s heating can be stepped down if a temperature rise is likely, or for sports grounds, under pitch heating can be activated if a frost is forecast.

Supplied pre-configured, SIP Weather is easy to set up for communication with an online weather forecast service set to the appropriate location. The system collects and displays a pre-determined range of measured weather condition parameters (e.g. temperature, humidity, visibility, wind, etc.), with latitude and longitude used to calculate sunrise and sunset times.

New features released include Sun Elevation and Sun Azimuth calculations for both solar gain and solar shading applications.

SIP Weather also allows environmental conditions to be recorded, helping building managers to see patterns in energy usage according to recorded weather conditions, i.e. less energy should be used in the summer months, more in the winter months.

This history makes it easy to see any anomalies which could be causing – or due to – wasted energy.

Please note: World Weather Online now charges a license fee for the API.

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