SIPslice DALI Converter
DALI Lighting interfacing made simple
  • Cost effective DALI power and converter solution
  • Interface up to 64 devices
  • Simple to use and install
  • Small footprint
  • Backed up by Synapsys’ technical support
Enable DALI lighting control
simply and efficiently
with SIPslice DALI from Synapsys
// Synapsys SIPslice DALI Converter

SIPslice DALI Combined Power Supply and Converters have been developed to provide a simple and efficient way of interfacing DALI lighting loops to a lighting controller.

Designed for receiving and transmitting data via the DALI network to individual or groups of luminares, enabling them to switch on or off and or dim them, according to the DALI protocol.

The SIPslice DALI Combined Power Supply and Converter provides a maximum 200mA supply for DALI communications over an RS232 or RS485 connection per 300m of DALI network, from a lighting controller. It allows up to 64 devices (e.g. electrical ballasts, sensors and dimmers) per 300m DALI Network using any topology (star, daisy-chain, etc).

The device is resistant to sustained short circuit and requires 24VDC power supply.


// SIPslice DALI Converter include:

  • Interface up to 64 devices
  • LED’s for power, Bus activity, Health and Comms
  • Fixed Transfer rate of 1200 bit/s
  • 1 x RS232 connection
  • 1 x RS485 connection
  • 1 x DALI connection
  • Simple innovative DIN rail mounting system

// Small footprint

DALI slice Dimensions

// Making engineering our solutions simple

Synapsys are constantly striving to improve and speed up the commissioning process for the interfacing solutions we provide to our customers. Through our expertise and years of experience we have developed our free easy commissioning tools which make commissioning our solutions simple.

Our tools and information can be downloaded free from our SIP Integrator support website along with all our technical documentation.

For more information about our DALI Converter please download our information sheet, alternatively give us a call on 01444 246 128 or email us here to discuss your requirements.