SIPp Power Monitoring
Making power monitoring simple
  • Cost-effective onsite data centre power monitoring & targeting
  • Easy-to-install, hardware-based system
  • Straightforward to retrofit; no downtime
  • No specialist engineering or software tools required • No ongoing licensing or maintenance fees
Instant access to
Power Data
to assess efficiency, monitor equipment and ensure continuity of services.
// SIPp Power Monitoring

safeguarding uptime and improving energy efficiency

In the complex environment of a data centre, downtime spells disaster. Reliability of service is paramount. Managing the data centre’s intensive energy use, and the associated running costs and carbon emissions, is a further key concern.

Synapsys has developed the SIPp power monitoring solution to provide the accurate, real-time performance data that can flag up an increase in power consumption – before it becomes a problem.

Suitable for all types of data centre applications, the range includes options for:

  • DC power monitoring
  • AC power monitoring
  • Branch circuit monitoring

The hardware-based system straightforward to install without any downtime, simply clipping into place. Each SIPp can monitor up to 72 individual power circuits using micro CTs (current transformers); an 84 standard US system is also available.

SIPp can easily connect to and monitor power for:

  • Rack meters
  • Intelligent rack PDUs
  • Telecoms DC power cables
  • Power distribution units

Installing SIPp devices to all power circuits creates an effective, fully comprehensive monitoring solution to keep control of all power requirements in the data centre.

The system is easily scalable; if requirements increase, more SIPps can be added. It’s that simple.

SIPp provides easy-to-read yet detailed data on actual usage down to rack level in a user-friendly ‘dashboard’ display. It’s easy to customise the information feeds featured on the dashboard, meaning minimal training for both non-technical personnel and engineers.

In addition, SIPp can be integrated with a BMS for improved building energy efficiency, and with billing software to link power consumption to invoicing.

SIPp is a simple, easy-to-use power monitoring solution, helping data centres safeguard security of service, reduce running costs and comply with environmental legislation.


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// Product Variations

SIPp Power monitoring, targeting & display

AC branch
// branch circuit power monitoring

Display and collate power performance data from up to 84 micro CT’s directly from the AC power distribution unit.

// DC power monitoring

Display and collate power performance data from up to 64 DC CT’s.

// AC local rack power monitoring
Display and collate power performance data from a single network of ModBus meters or intelligent rack PDU’s.

The SIPp Vision provides added functionality, the ability to network multiple SIPp systems and provide public display options.

// Product comparisons at a glance

Use the display chart below to compare our products

DC power monitoring
SIPp AC branch
circuit power monitoring
SIPp AC local
rack power monitoring
Power data graphs Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Comparison graphs Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Power performace data Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Dynamic web page scaling Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Public display Yes
Configurable public display Yes
Financial calculations   Yes
Group comparisons   Yes
Power   Yes
Video player   Yes
Baseline comparison   Yes
Image display   Yes
Data value display   Yes
Carbon footprint   Yes
Carbon performance   Yes
News feed   Yes
Weather data   Yes
Alarms displayed Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Alarm setting & adjusting Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Email exception reports Yes
Manual CSV data download Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Scheduled download to FTP Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
MySQL Connection 3rd party Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Scheduled CSV emails Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
CSV data import Yes
Email end of month reports Yes
Interface to Trend Yes Yes  Yes 
Interface to BACnet Yes Yes  Yes 
Grouping Single SIP Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Meter grouping multiple SIPs Yes