SIP+ Platform
One device, a world of potential
  • Multi-protocol platform
  • M-Bus, ModBus, BACnet, Trend and MQTT drivers as standard
  • IoT Future proof
  • Easy-to-implement and set up
  • Simple points based pricing
  • Larger data capacity over our existing SIPe products and still SIPe Vision compatible
  • Multi-functional and IQ Vision compatible
  • No on going licence fees
Brand New SIP+ is a
Multi-protocol platform
turning buildings into smart buildings
// One device, a world of potential

SIP+ is at the forefront of accessing and integrating a buildings data, be it for energy reduction, building optimisation or connecting to the internet of things (IOT), SIP+ is the device to make buildings – smart buildings.

Giving you access to the data within your buildings plant and systems like never before – view an energy dashboard, transfer data to an analytics provider, connect to an enterprise level system or tenant billing solution – the SIP+ can do it all and much more.

Connect, Select and Go

The new hardware is an easy to use, out of the box platform, capable of connecting multiple third party drivers to each other within the same truly multi-protocol platform.

If you are an existing SIP user you will already know how simple our devices are to commission and use. Now you can have the simplicity you already enjoy, as well as all the protocols and solutions supported by our existing SIP devices into one hardware platform, the new SIP+. SIP+ doesn’t tie you into using specific devices or require expensive tools to commission or licence upgrades, meaning you pay once for what you require.

One device multiple applications

Easy integration with our BACnet Integration Controller (BIC)

Our latest SIP+ multi protocol hardware now comes with all of the features of our standard SIP interfaces, plus our latest BACnet Integration Controller (BIC), all inside one device. BIC’s present third party devices as BACnet devices, with values transferred as BACnet object types, with Notification Class and Trendlog functionality. Our BIC software simplifies the application of BACnet by making the head end engineering easy and simply to apply.

Trend integration with our Virtual IQ (vIQ)

Our SIP+ solutions for interfacing to Trend BMS systems have Virtual IQ (vIQ) software included that enables the SIP device to sit straight onto the Trend network. Each third party device interfaced can then be presented as if it were a Trend controller. Additionally, each value transfered is provided as a standard Trend module – sensor, knob, switch and digital input and have the full compliment of functionality such as labels, alarms and plots.

Ready for the IoT revolution

Our new MQTT driver for SIP+ firmly places the hardware ahead of the curve as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality. This small, low bandwidth protocol supports messages from thousands of devices which publish information to a central broker. This makes it highly suitable for remotely monitored applications where bandwidth and battery power are at a premium.

In practice a Facilities Management company, for example, could access sensors for temperature, humidity, occupancy, air quality, fan speed, etc. and aggregate the data received from hundreds of sensors and buildings. It could then apply machine learning techniques to the database of information collected to drive efficiency, predict plant failures before they happen and improve the long term cost and efficiency of buildings and future technology.

The potential benefits are huge and SIP+ is an enabler at the forefront of the IoT revolution.

SIP+ hardware features

  • Multi-protocol platform as standard with multiple ports
  • Cost effective with no need for expensive commissioning tools
  • Easy to use out of the box solution which is designed to fit into distribution boards
  • Multi-functional and IQ Vision compatible
  • Pricing based on Real Points making quoting simple, minimising unused points and allowing the SIP+ functions to be used freely, without additional cost
  • Larger data capacity over our existing SIPe products and still SIPe Vision compatible
  • No ongoing licence fees
  • Supports upto 16 SIPslice devices (depending on variant) by utilising the DIN rail Bus system
  • Includes the following drivers:
  • Extend the number of RS232 and RS485 ports with the new SIP Serial Slice
  • Compatible with a SIPeasy conversion tool – available now for download on our SIP Integrator support website

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