SIP Hardware
Energy, Data and Integration solutions

The technologies used in our buildings are becoming more numerous, more complex and making them work together to create a co-ordinated and energy efficient building has become more of a challenge.

Every building has individual demands and requirements, and each customer has to balance a unique combination of factors including security, usability, visibility, environmental considerations, user comfort, and of course both build cost and long-term running cost.

Getting all these systems to work together, present there information and be energy efficient is the challenge – this is where our range of SIP hardware solutions for interfacing, energy monitoring, integration and data acquisition can help.


Synapsys Solutions innovative hardware solutions help improve building performance, reduce time pressure on facilities personnel and help building owners improve the sustainability and well-being of their buildings and occupants.

Now that almost all building technologies come with controls fitted, the challenge is to get them to work together. Our SIP, SIP2 and SIP+ products enable decentralised systems to communicate together effectively and to present the key information from them to a broad range of building users, utilising smart display technologies.

Furthermore our products enable the transfer of data held in those systems to enterprise applications as well as our own SIP insight software solutions for analytics, energy management and billing.

Synapsys Solutions provides the products and solutions today to transform your buildings into smart buildings, ready to take advantage of tomorrow’s technologies.

// Innovative communication interfaces

Interfacing the various systems found within a building back to a central Building Management System (BMS) becomes vitally important and it is essential to ensure all systems work together seamlessly to balance the requirements of the building users and energy efficiency targets.

Synapsys cost-effective SIP2, high end SIP+ and legacy SIP interfacing solutions have been designed to simplify communications between a wide variety of plant and equipment. They have been developed by our experienced engineers to be straightforward to install and easy to use, and all products can be developed into bespoke systems for specific applications when required.

Whatever your requirement, our flexible and practical products combined with our support services help deliver projects to your customers on time and within budget.

// Simple on-site Energy monitoring

Before you can control and reduce your energy consumption you need to understand it. This is often driven by legislation, increasing energy costs or the need to display to building users actual energy consumption. Whatever the reason a good place to start is with an on-site energy monitoring solution.

Synapsys SIP+ EMT coupled with our built in Vision software provides users with live data about their buildings energy consumption via user dashboards and to wider audiences via the public dashboard function. SIP+ EMT is a fixed cost, on-site solution an ideal first step in getting a simple energy monitoring solution in place.

SIP+ EMT is simple to use, set up and via the drag and drop dashboard creator easy to customise to the end user’s needs.

// Data acquisition made simple

Many different people, systems and solutions now require data from buildings for a varied range of applications and reasons. The data available from buildings is now vast and can be used in a variety of ways. From simple alarm notification and condition monitoring of plant, through to meter values being automatically sent to tenant billing systems or offsite advanced energy monitoring solutions.

To aid this process Synapsys has developed our multiprotocol hardware platforms SIP+ data and our new SIP2 which are ideal solutions for data acquisition. What sets our hardware platforms apart is the volume of data they can handle, speed of operation, and the variety of information feeds they can process.

Both solutions provide great flexibility over communications protocols and over the variety of building plant, controls, sensors, etc. that data can be collected from and exported.