PROCON Melco SIP+ Mitsubishi interface
PROCON Melco SIP+ offers

• Enables easy selection of required point from device connected via Mitsubishi AE200/EW50/AG150
• Compatible with BMS/SCADA/IoT (MQTT/REST)
• Flexibility of integration
• Proven reliable hardware
• Simple to engineer

// PROCON Melco SIP+

The PROCON Melco SIP+ product range has been designed to expose values from devices connected to the Mitsubishi AC network, to a designate IP network range for compatibility with a BMS (BACnet or Trend), a SCADA system, and/or an IoT (MQTT/REST) platform.

Values from compatible M-Series, City Multi, Mr Slim, Lossnay units communicating with the Mitsubishi AE200 controller are learnt, and selected in the Procon Melco SIP+*, and linked to relevant drivers for appropriate integration.

This allows appropriate controllers on the integration network/system to perform any control strategy necessary to optimise the performance of the site.

// PROCON Melco SIP+ key features

• Maximum 4 x Melco Instances (1 per AC network)
• With a maximum of 50 units per AC network
• 1250 points per Melco instance with a maximum of 5000 points (4 Melco instances) from any compatible unit
• BMS compatible application
• IoT compatible application
• SCADA compatible application

// Hardware features

• Fire input port
• 2 x Ethernet Ports
• 1 x RS485 Port (ModBus Master connectivity)
• 1 x RS232 Port (ModBus Master connectivity)

// PROCON Melco SIP+ supported protocols

• Mitsubishi AE200, EW50 and AG150
• BACnet/IP: Single BACnet network, BACnet Server, max. 100 BICs
• REST Server – Supports REST API
• MQTT – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google IOT Core via third party Broker
• ModBus Slave: Single TCP/IP (3 x masters) or Serial driver (1 x master)
• vIQ: Single UDP Group, Trend LAN, max. 100 vIQ Out Stations

For more information about our PROCON Melco SIP+ solution please take a look at our product sheet below or to speak to a member of the team call us on 01444 246 128. You can also learn more about the SIP solutions we offer here.

*This product does not support QAHV and CAHV.

// View our product sheet