LiGO2 smart lighting control
  • Smart lighting Control for up to two DALI networks
  • Feature packed lighting control solution
  • Stand alone or BMS and or IoT compatible
  • Maximise energy savings
  • Increase the life of LED installations
  • Perfect for apartments, small offices or extending existing lighting systems
LiGO2 smart lighting control
ideal for apartments
and smaller lighting systems
// Simple, flexible, feature packed LiGO2 smart lighting control

The LiGO2 smart lighting control solution is based on the manufacturer-independent DALI standard making it possible to create flexible, cost-effective and easy to engineer smart lighting systems.

LiGO2 is the latest hardware addition to our range of smart lighting control solutions, packed with the same control features and functionality found in our established LiGO+ device. LiGO2 is limited to a maximum of two DALI networks, with the use of an additional SIPslice DALI device; making it a perfect choice for apartments, smaller offices or for adding additional areas of buildings to an existing lighting control system.

The solution can function as a standalone system or as part of a larger interfaced system via the available IoT &/or BMS protocols. With a host of features including tunable white, Circadian Rhythm and RGBW colour control, it’s easy to create an energy efficient and great looking office, apartment or feature areas.

LiGO2 control features include:

Out the box LiGO2 includes embedded tools and a suite of pre-programed smart lighting control algorithms to quickly group the luminaires, set the scene and optimally control LEDs to derive best performance and energy savings. Couple this with its ability to connect with, and report to, other building systems ensures LiGO2 is a great choice for introducing lighting controls into a building.

LiGO2 hardware features

LiGO2 has been designed to be easy for an engineer install, configure and also be simple for the end user to operate.

LiGO2 hardware includes:

  • Built in 64 device network port
  • Connection for an additional 64 devices added via the use of a SIPslice DALI device
  • LEDs to show Power, Comms, Bus status etc.
  • The compact design makes it ideal for small panels or enclosures
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Optional BMS compatibility to TREND or BACnet systems
  • Optional IoT compatibility to smart building systems
  • Integrated DIN Rail mounting

LiGO2 supported protocols include:

  • DALI
  • MQTT – supports AWS, Azure, Google IoT Core (supports publish/subscribe with a third party broker)
  • REST Server – supports three REST client connections
  • BACnet IP Server
  • vIQ

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