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Smart lighting solutions

Whether it’s providing the right working environment, protecting our security or complementing architectural design, lighting is one of the most fundamental components of our buildings. Lighting can make it safe to work at night, make it easier to focus or help us relax. Lighting can even make us more likely to spend. However this range of functionality comes at a price. Lighting is responsible for a whopping 20% of electricity produced. With businesses increasingly committing to ambitious carbon reduction strategies and with energy bills heading in only one direction, lighting has become a quick and easy target for driving down consumption.


Lighting is responsible for 20% of all the electricity consumed by buildings in the UK, with Non-domestic lighting accounting for 24 Million tonnes of CO2 per year. Even with the introduction of LED light fittings, replacing older types of lighting; these LED light fittings still waste in excess of 30% of unnecessary consumption without the suitable intelligent control.

Up to 40% extra energy savings can be achieved over and above the use of LED, when suitable tuning/scene settings are used with a LiGO lighting control system. That’s without the further benefits a LiGO system can provide to enhance user experience, a buildings look and feel and overall occupant wellbeing.

// Smart lighting controls

LiGO systems are installed in a diverse portfolio of buildings ranging from retail premises, offices, pharmaceutical laboratories, schools and universities, hospitals, galleries and museums, rail stations and logistic depots. All of which result in achieving impressive cost and energy savings, as well as improved environments for the buildings occupants and users.

The LiGO+ and New LiGO2 built in web pages allow users to set up the system, create reports and adjust settings. It gives users access to a range of easy to use features including.

  • Time zone control
  • Emergency override
  • Alarm reporting
  • Energy graphs
  • Emergency light test reporting
  • Plus many more advanced features all with no ongoing licence or subscription fee

// LiGO technology

LiGO technology is based on the manufacturer-independent DALI and DALI2 standards. The standards ensure interchangeability and interoperability of lighting system components. This makes it possible to create flexible, cost-effective and decentralised lighting systems. DALI addressable solutions can function as a standalone system or as part of a larger building management system.

LiGO+ and LiGO2 hardware come “out the box” with embedded tools and a suite of pre-programmed smart lighting control algorithms. This enables users to quickly group the luminaires, set the scene and optimally control LEDs to maximise performance. Coupled with the ability to connect with, and report to, other building systems make the LiGO+ and LiGO2 technologies a winner with installers and users alike.

// Fantastic lighting

The introduction of DALI type 8 to our LiGO lighting control solutions has enabled us to provide architectural lighting in a cost effective way. Our simple to use colour controls enables users to enhance and change the look and feel of a room, area or building easily and simply with stunning results. This cuts out the need for major refits or decor changes.

Tunable white light is now available which enables the control of lighting levels throughout the day. The feature is used to mimic the human bodies natural Circadian Rhythm and can help to promote occupants performance, health and well-being across the day.

LiGO technology has been developed specifically to meet today’s demanding lighting control schemes. LiGO devices easily connect with other intelligent building systems and tomorrow’s IoT environment.