Solutions for offices and large corporate buildings
Improving energy efficiency in the workplace
Frequently climate-controlled for user comfort, and housing a large quantity of ICT equipment, these buildings can be high users of energy. But at this scale, small adjustments can make a huge difference to energy performance - and any efficiencies achieved make a direct contribution to cutting running costs and improving profits.
How can Synapsys help?
Understand energy use through energy monitoring, with public information displays for staff engagement
Interface building services such as heating and cooling to BMS (Trend/BACnet) for improved energy efficiency
Ensure a comfortable working environment through integration of building services

Energy monitoring can be the first step in gaining control over the operating costs of corporate buildings. Learning where and when energy is used can help inform energy efficiency strategies, while public displays showing energy performance can encourage behavioural change.

Integrating building services to a BMS (Trend/BACnet) improves energy efficiency across the estate, and for larger organisations (e.g. FTSE 100 companies), data analytics can identify potential savings in greater detail.

Synapsys can help improve energy efficiency in offices and corporate buildings through:

  • energy monitoring and metering;
  • interfacing essential plant and equipment such as HVAC and air handling with an onsite BMS system (Trend/BACnet);
  • OEM controls to help plant room equipment suppliers ensure seamless integration of their products with a BMS;
  • and acquiring performance data for outsourced energy analytics.
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