Original Equipment Manufacturer Controls
Benefits of working with OEM's

With as much as 84% of a buildings energy usage being under the control of a Building Energy Management System – (BEMS), it is important to ensure as much energy-consuming plant is monitored, controlled or integrated to one main system.

The benefit of a ‘one-system’ approach to owners or users of buildings and estates is the holistic view it gives of their sites performance and energy usage. This approach also ensures the building’s plant equipment, either directly connected or integrated via a third party interface, does not operate against the main system resulting in unnecessary energy waste.

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// There are more benefits of working with OEM's

Factory-fitted controllers give customers the best of both worlds – Peace of mind that the equipment will provide the control they require, reduced on-site installation and commissioning costs as well as:

  • Flexibility
  • Easy integration
  • Quality assured control
  • Simpler to install
  • Simpler to maintain
  • Energy savings
  • Manufacturer approved control
  • Open protocol


// OEM controls delivered by Synapsys

Since its inception in 2001, Synapsys has specialised in the provision of OEM controls, display and communications products to manufacturers, so that their customers gain the benefits of factory fitted technology. The use of OEM controls, communications and displays allows manufacturers to develop a highly differentiated product, fit for the modern age, whilst ensuring the cornerstones of cost competitiveness and ease of sale, use and maintenance.

In Synapsys we have an ethos when developing products that the inward complexity should be accessed by outward simplicity i.e. smart and appropriate functionality that’s natural to use. Nowhere is this more important than OEM product development.

A new OEM customer (manufacturer) can be assured of the full support of Synapsys. With you, our commercial team will develop both the technical and commercial concepts, which go very much “hand in hand”. This is then delivered by our applications engineers, all highly skilled in controls and communications and for new technology, our R&D team. This is an iterative process until the product is ready for launch, during which, if required we can assist with the training of your sales team and engineers.

In parallel to our Product Support Group and Production teams, we will work with you to provide training, set up product codes, ordering process and delivery in a professional manner.


// Partners using TREND OEM controls

By working with market leading organisations who have a primary business interest in the manufacture of Air Handling Units – AHU’s, Terminal Units, Boiler or Chiller packages, Trend is able to ensure building owners and users benefit from the very latest in control technology customised to meet their exact requirements.


Below are some of the organisations who work closely with Synapsys Solutions to ensure they maximise the benefits of fitting OEM controls to their products and systems. A full list of organisations working with us can be found by downloading our OEM customer matrix. Further information about OEM solutions can be found in our OEM brochure which is also available for download.