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Energy efficiency and guests’ comfort in hotels, spas and golf resorts
With a high number of building users and occupation round the clock, a hotel’s energy costs can quickly escalate. Integrating building services to a BMS can help improve energy efficiency and cut running costs, while displays of energy performance information demonstrate ‘green’ credentials to guests and staff.
How can Synapsys help?
Understand energy use through energy monitoring
Interface building services such as heating and cooling to BMS (Trend/BACnet) for improved energy efficiency
Interface room booking systems to BMS

Maintaining high levels of comfort for guests is paramount, but getting control of typically high levels of energy use cuts running costs and makes a direct contribution to profits.

Integrating building services with a BMS can achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency, by for example linking a room booking system to the HVAC system to avoid heating unoccupied rooms.

Synapsys can help improve energy efficiency for hotel and the hospitality sector with:

  • energy monitoring and metering;
  • interfacing Fidelio, ONQ and other hotel room booking systems to the BMS (Trend/BACnet) for intelligent control;
  • interfacing essential plant and equipment such as HVAC and air handling with an onsite BMS system (Trend/BACnet);
  • and acquiring performance data for outsourced energy analytics.
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