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iNSIGHT Energy Building Information Software

Visualise the performance of your building

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Building Energy and BMS data in one advanced, easy to use monitoring platform

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Suite of tools making data easier to correlate, analyse, understand and report

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Single and Multi-site options


Far beyond the capabilities of a traditional Energy Management System

The key to energy management is continuous improvement, but in order to achieve this, real information is required. Building managers have access to a lot of data, from metering systems and Building Management Systems (BMS), but analysing data from two independently run systems can be complicated and ineffective.

EBIS, our cloud based solution, takes these two data sets and provides a single source of comprehensive data which can be properly viewed and analysed by a building or energy manager.

The data collected can be displayed on charts of the user’s preference so that consumption trends can be spotted easily and acted upon. By identifying how, when and where a building uses the most energy, the manager can develop an effective control strategy that can be implemented and tracked to maximise savings.

EBIS provides a user with a wide range of information, including:

  • Energy consumption and Carbon Footprint
  • Plant status and condition mapped against energy consumption
  • Comparisons over different date ranges
  • Comparisons by area/building across multiple sites
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly profile displays

Tools designed to make your building data easy to understand

EBIS has been designed to be a simple and easy to use solution and a number of tools have been developed to make the data easier to understand, correlate and analyse. Producing reports from the system is simple, enabling recommendations to be made for improvements and changes to the building systems. Some of the tools and built in features include:

  • Data Point linking tool to create “Spaces” and “Virtual Meters”
  • Dashboard builder
  • Energy profiles by meter or meter group with the time period defined by user
  • Saved dashboard view for each user on log in
  • Reporting tools which include
    • PDF Builder
    • Historical data - 7 years minimum
    • Export via CSV / XML*
  • Post implementation performance validation tool*
  • Meter and Verification tool*
  • Degree day regression analysis tool*

Single or Multi-site options

EBIS is a cloud based solution allowing users to access the portal as and when they require from wherever they want. The system can also be quickly and easily scaled up or down as required. This flexibility allows users to monitor one part of a building, a whole building, an entire campus or multiple sites across a country for example.

The cost of the software is based upon the number of points users want to pull into the system. An added benefit of the cloud based system means these points could be from different buildings or sites which could be in different locations in the country, users are not tied to one building or specific location to monitor and access the data.


Added functionality

The functionality of EBIS goes far beyond what you would expect from a traditional EMS system. The ability to collect data from two independent systems enables EBIS to provide users with the basic information you would expect, but also display BMS points and map those points against associated energy data points collected from meters.

This extra functionality enables users to:

  • Display meter values and consumption with the option to display related BMS values and status at the same time or overlay on an energy graph
  • Highlight efficiency issues by identifying energy consumption trends and mapping against plant status
  • Have temperature values plotted on energy graphs
  • Display plant status
  • Display plant run time hours
  • Display and overlay occupancy hours

iNSIGHT EBIS quick comparison

iNSIGHT EBIS comes complete with features and tools ready to use without the need for additional complex engineering and specialist graphic building requirements.
Display BMS points
Display meter data
Display plant status
Display plant condition
Display plant runtime
Display and overlay occupancy hours
Energy comparisons by area / building / estate
Daily / weekly / monthly / profile displays
Comparisons over different date ranges
Display energy values & consumption and overlay BMS values & status
Display temperature values plotted on energy graphs
Data point linking tool to create “Virtual meters”
Data point linking tool to create “Spaces”
PDF report creation
Export data via CSV / XML*
Easily customised dashboard for each individual user

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* Not available at launch, for future release dependant on demand for features.