Data centre solutions
Safeguarding service, improving efficiency
Whether single or co-location, the specialised environment of the data centre presents challenges unique in the built environment. At this scale, small adjustments to power, energy, and building services systems can make a huge difference to data centre performance - and to running costs.
How can Synapsys help?
Identify power usage anomalies before they interrupt uptime
Interface building services such as cooling to BMS for improved efficiency
Improve billing accuracy with power usage information down to rack level

Operating 24/7 in a closely-controlled atmosphere, data centres are inevitably heavy users of energy. The specialised environment needs to consider the power requirements of both the building services and the installed IT.

Every data centre hosts many business-critical functions, and continuity of service is paramount. Co-location data centres present additional challenges, with reduced control over the load of installed equipment, and a need for accurate customer billing.

Synapsys can help improve data centre energy efficiency, with:

  • power monitoring (including options for AC power monitoring, branch circuit monitoring, and DC power monitoring);
  • energy monitoring and metering;
  • interfacing essential plant and equipment such as HVAC and chillers with an onsite BMS system (Trend/BACnet);
  • OEM controls to help plant room equipment suppliers ensure seamless integration of their products with a BMS;
  • and acquiring performance data for outsourced energy analytics.
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