IoT integration for Carbon Supply Company

Nitrogen production and monitoring

Synapsys Solutions, UK leader in developing and supplying innovative communication interfaces for the built environment and utility usage monitoring, have implemented a pay-per-use usage solution for Nitrogen generators and a European company’s cloud based platform.

Nitrogen Supply Company (NSC) is a UK Based Gas generation company, with an innovative approach to the supply of nitrogen to the laser cutting, food, and beverage industries. NSC provides customers with Nitrogen-As-A-Sevice, which helps manufacturers invest in the latest energy-efficient gas generators without capital expenditure.

The use of NSC’s Nitrogen generators provides Nitrogen on demand, which eliminates the need for bulk buying of the gas, and removes the need for the additional space required for storage containers.

However, the industries that NSC supply still require a means of monitoring how much Nitrogen is produced in relation to the energy required to generate that Nitrogen, which is needed in the making of the products within that industry.

SIP+ for Nitrogen usage billing

Synapsys were approached by NSC after they saw a Synapsys SIPe ModBus M-Logger, installed at a University in the midlands providing energy data. NSC MD, Stephen Adeyemi liked the simplicity of the SIPe solution and contacted Synapsys to see if we could prove compatibility with their Nitrogen (N2) generators and linx4 cloud based platform using our latest SIP+ EMT-IF hardware.

Learning more about NSC’s generators and the available protocols, the Synapsys Product Support Team were able to confirm the SIP+ multiprotocol hardware platform could communicate with NSC’s generators and collect the required data.

Confirming the protocol

From here the Synapsys team needed to confirm the protocol required to communicate with the linx4 cloud based platform. linx4 is a financing company with a unique market USP to take up the usagerisks for industrial equipment.

The software enables users to calculate Pay-Per-Use pricing immediately at the point of sales by using AI-risk-management models for tailored and individual calculations. This enables them to more accurately quote and price on several projects.

MQTT is the way to go

After discussions with NSC and linx4 the decision was made to make use of the IoT protocol MQTT provided by the SIP+ hardware. The Synapsys team then run some initial proof of concept testing and the offsite connectivity was proven from our offices in Sussex and the linx4 cloud based software platform.

Stephen Adeyemi commented “Great job with the MQTT protocol, I’m so over the moon”.

First installation

The first installation of the solution at a customer site was installed and commissioned at vehicle body conversion company Brit-Tipp in the north west of England.

Brit-Tipp use nitrogen powered tools to create and customise vehicle body work to suit their customers’ requirements and specifications.

Further installations of the solution are planned over the coming months as the packaged solution rolls out across various industries and applications

Great job with the MQTT protocol, I’m so over the moon. We are currently working on a project with another company on how they can monitor a customer’s gas consumption before the customer purchases a nitrogen generator in order to help inform what size of nitrogen generator they need.

Stephen Adeyemi, Managing Director, Nitrogen Supply Company

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