Reduced energy consumption by 35%

ecoDriver BEMS and the Synapsys SIP+ device has provided the customer with clear visibility of performance

TR Control Solutions Implement ecoDriver® BEMS solution utilising the Synapsys SIP+ to reduce energy consumption by 35%

A common issue we find, when monitoring a building’s energy consumption, is that baseloads are often much higher than they should be, resulting in significant energy waste. More often than not this is down to the BMS strategy not working in line with the buildings original design and can originate from superficial/limited commissioning or can occur overtime, as facilities managers come and go and their ‘head knowledge’ leaves with them.

According to an Innovate UK report:

‘non domestic buildings ‘routinely’ use 3.5 times the amount of energy they are designed to consume and rarely live up to performance expectations.’

‘Controls are a problem’ because they are often over complicated, the report said. ‘This can mean the building defaults to high energy’

Source: Innovate UK, March 2016, 4-year study

To close this design versus operations, performance gap, we need to know what was used, when it was used and why it was used.

The ecoDriver® BEMS service provides simple visibility of a building’s control systems, so that areas of inefficiency can be identified, and rectified easily, so that energy waste can be removed and occupancy comfort can be improved.

The ecoDriver® BEMS solution was recently deployed on a relatively new building (designed to be energy efficient) at an independent school. The solution combines integration of a Synapsys SIP+ with a Mitsubishi VRF and a TREND IQ3 BMS and secure connection via the SIP+ over MQTT to the ecoDriver® BEMS cloud service, via the Microsoft® Azure IoT Hub. Combining energy monitoring and targeting data already being logged by ecoDriver®, issues with heating & cooling setpoints and schedules were identified and rectified, resulting in savings of between 35-41%.

It is not just about reducing energy consumption though, it is also about comfort. Through integration with building control systems, ecoDriver® BEMS monitors CO2 in classrooms during the day, so that acceptable levels can be maintained – very important in an educational facility and in particular around exam time.

The combination of ecoDriver BEMS from TR Control Solutions and the Synapsys SIP+ device has provided the customer with clear visibility of performance and the ability to very easily control setpoints and schedules via a simple cloud based interface.