While Synapsys products offer simplicity of use and ease of engineering, we recognise that good support at all levels is essential and we’ve made it a cornerstone of our operations.
Right from day one, we’re keen to provide complete support for our customers, from initial questions to making sure on-site commissioning goes smoothly. We assign a dedicated Synapsys manager to each customer, to better understand their business, provide updates on new product developments, and work together on applications.

We make adopting new technology easy, in an otherwise complex building environment.
SIP Integrator support website

An extensive range of support materials is available on our secure customer support website SIP Integrator. Here customers have 24/7 access to detailed downloadable technical and user guides in the document library, as well as video tutorials to give step-by-step guidance on various aspects of setting up our systems.

Our unique SIP Easy file downloads contain pre-configured characterisation for a wide range of Modbus and M-Bus third-party network devices, simplifying the commissioning and configuration process.

The technical knowledge database also covers a range of FAQs, but of course, if you have a query that’s not featured, or if you just want to talk to someone, you can contact our dedicated in-house technical support team by phone or email for one-to-one assistance.

Technical support

At Synapsys we aim to make using and commissioning our products as easy as possible, and full ongoing technical support is an intrinsic element of the service we offer our clients.

Our experienced in-house technical support team are available to take your calls during normal working hours. You can contact the team by phone or email for one-to-one assistance with any questions or queries you may have.

Engineering and commissioning

We develop all our products to be simple to use and straightforward to commission. Our full time R&D department works with customers to design the new products and solutions they need for building integration.

However, if customers feel they need more personal support, we also offer an onsite engineering service, with a dedicated and experienced team available to commission BMS interfaces at customers’ premises. We can also work onsite with our customers’ engineers to provide ongoing support and training, which can be especially useful for bespoke-designed systems.

Bespoke solutions

Over our years of experience, we have worked with many clients and have developed solutions for a wide variety of situations. Every installation is unique, with its own distinct mix of buildings, plant and equipment.

But if your set of requirements is not easily met by a standard product, we offer a consultancy service to all our customers, specifically for new projects and applications.

Our innovative engineers work with manufacturers, OEMs, system integrators and end users to develop bespoke interfacing and integration solutions, using the appropriate technology to deliver exactly the functionality you need.