SIPe Energy Monitoring
Real time monitoring to help you understand your energy
  • Cost effective on site energy monitoring, targeting & display solution for all building types
  • No software licences, unlimited users, no more remote servers
  • Direct monitoring of energy & utilities
  • Simple web based configuration
  • Direct integration with energy management software, billing software and performance monitoring platforms
  • Full integration with BMS
Instant access to
energy data
to assess efficiency, test and monitor equipment and make savings.
// SIPe Energy Monitoring, Targeting & Display

Before you can control and reduce your energy consumption you need to understand it…

  • Cost effective monitoring and targeting solution
    • No software licenses
    • Unlimited users
    • No maintenance fees
  • Easy access to data onsite
  • Built in web pages for easy configuration
  • Easy to set up data downloads and scheduled reporting
  • Compatibility and integration with BMS and third party software
  • A simple, flexible energy monitoring solution, developed to meet the need for clear, detailed energy performance data driven by today’s environmental legislation and rising energy costs.

The cost-effective SIPe hardware platform is a fully functional embedded PC with Ethernet and serial ports, and a large memory. The VIQ software allows the SIPe interface logger to sit straight on a Trend network, simplifying networking and reducing engineering time. It’s the ideal interface platform, giving building managers more freedom of choice over plant and systems.


// Easy to customise local and public dashboard displays

The web-based system uses easy-to-configure energy dashboards which allow the user to view live data gathered from a meter network. Scheduled energy reports and energy exceptions are set up through web pages and can be automatically emailed. Public information displays on energy use can also be created, helping foster energy awareness and promoting behavioural change.

// Making engineering our interfacing solutions even simpler

Synapsys are constantly striving to improve and speed up the commissioning process for the interfacing solutions we provide to our customers. Through our expertise and years of experience we have developed our free easy commissioning tools which make commissioning our interface solutions simple.

For our SIP and SIPe solutions we have:


Select the SIPeasy file you require, download and restore it to your SIP device, characterisation is then complete.

Our SIPeasy files can be download for free from our SIP Integrator support website along with all our technical and sales documentation.


// Product Variations

Effectively target areas to reduce consumption and monitor results

// Meter Logger

With the SIPe M-Log you can define, collate and display energy data and performance from a single network of ModBus or M-Bus meters. Pulse meters can be included using pulse acquisition modules.

This offers a stand alone solution or can be networked with other SIPe products to provide a cost effective, future proofed “live time” energy monitoring and targeting solution.

// Interface Logger

Our existing range of Trend and BACnet interfaces now include the same energy monitoring & targeting functionality as the SIPe M-Log.

Energy data points from ModBus or M-Bus meters can be displayed as graphs and included in the aM&T system, Whilst any additional registers from the meters can be interfaced to your Trend or BACnet BMS.

SIPe IF Loggers can be networked with other SIPe products.

// B-Log
The SIPe B-Log sits on the BMS network with energy data points being monitored by the BMS, from pulse output meters for example, are learnt by the SIP and can be displayed as graphs and included in the Energy Monitoring system.

SIPe Vision provides the system portal through which different SIPe products can be connected and networked to provide a fully featured energy monitoring & targeting system.

Enhanced features and connectivity options are provided by installing a SIPe Vision including a configurable public display option that includes energy graphs, financial calculations, energy & utility comparisons, energy performance, news feeds & weather information.

// Product comparisons at a glance

Use the display chart below to compare our products

SIPe M-Log
SIPe B-Log
SIPe Vision
Energy data graphs Yes Yes Yes
Comparison graphs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Energy performace data Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic web page scaling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Public display Yes
Configurable public display Yes
Financial calculations Yes
Group comparisons Yes
Energy Yes
Video player Yes
Baseline comparison Yes
Image display Yes
Utility performance Yes
Data value display Yes
Carbon footprint Yes
Carbon performance Yes
News feed Yes
Weather data Yes
Sunrise/Sunset data Yes
Network time settings Yes
Alarms Adisplayed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alarm setting & adjusting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email exception reports  Yes
Manual CSV data download Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduled download to FTP Yes Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Connection 3rd party Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduled CSV emails Yes Yes Yes Yes
CSV data import  Yes
Email end of month reports Yes
Interface to Trend Yes
Interface to BACnet Yes
Data points from Trend Yes
Data points from BACnet Yes
Meter grouping Single SIP  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meter grouping multiple SIPs  Yes