SIP Room Booking system Interface
SIP device for interfacing room booking systems to Trend
  • Cost effective room booking system interface
  • Interface for up to 100 rooms, with bespoke options available
  • Room environment controlled based on actual occupancy
  • Improve comfort levels for room users
  • Simple to use and install
  • Potential for large energy savings
  • Backed up by Synapsys’ technical support
Room booking system
interfacing made simple,
efficient and cost effective
// SIP Room Booking Interface

The Synapsys SIP Room Booking system Interface has been developed to provide a simple and efficient way of interfacing a system or source (xml file for example) providing room detail information to a Trend Building Management System.

A system or source provides information such as room booking start/stop times, room capacity/ occupancy, expected attendee numbers, actual attendee numbers, etc. This information is then passed via the SIP Room Booking Interface to the Trend controller, which in turn then controls the parameters for heating and cooling for the room dependant on the information provided and the defined strategy.

This automated process can ensure that rooms are not being heated or cooled when unoccupied and in addition not over heated or over cooled when occupied. Furthermore this can also result in significant energy and cost savings, while improving comfort levels for room users.


// Potential for large energy savings

Controlling a room environment, for example a lecture theatre; based on the actual occupancy of the theatre in relation to the number of people attending and duration can result in energy savings of greater than 40% versus control based on just the seating capacity of the theatre alone.

The SIP Room Booking Interface enables this process to happen by being able to interface a system which records actual numbers within the room; such as an Irisys Gazelle Dual View system; directly with the Trend controller. The Trend controller then changes conditions in the room dependant on the defined strategy agreed and implemented by the sites Systems Integrator for that number of room users.


// SIP Room Booking Interface features

  • Available to interface 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 rooms, with bespoke options available
  • Maximum 4 points per room (room capacity, start/stop time, expected capacity and actual occupancy)
  • Direct connection to Trend networks via vIQ, Ethernet or Serial connections
  • Compatible sources include:
  • HTTP and HTTPS Web compatibility
  • FTP and SFTP server compatibility
  • DHCP/Hostname
  • NTP server compatibility


For more information about our SIP Interface please download our information sheet, alternatively give us a call on 01444 246 128 or email us here to discuss your requirements.


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