SIPinsight – Billing
Smart tenant billing and energy apportionment, delivered simply
  • Cloud based, cost effective tenant billing solution
  • Flexible energy apportionment solutions
  • Easy-to-implement and set up
  • Automated billing direct to tenants
  • Landlord access to view, administer and make adjustments to the system
  • Tenant access to view and monitor own energy usage
  • No specialist engineering or software tools required
  • No software licence fees
Dedicated stand alone
tenant billing portal
with no need for expensive subscription based monitoring software
// SIP Billing 2 - Smart tenant billing and tailored energy apportionment, delivered simply.

Developed in response to requests for a tenant billing solution that meets the new Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations and ensures tenants are billed according to actual energy usage. SIP billing 2 has enhanced our existing billing platform while making sure that it is still an easy-to-implement efficient solution that pulls energy and utility consumption data from meter loggers or a metering system together in an easy-to-use portal.

Unlike many tenant billing systems which are subscription-based, SIP billing 2 uses a simple licence model based on the number of data points required over a fixed period of time. Within that allowance, the system can be configured as required very simply and quickly, even across multiple sites with unlimited users included in the fixed cost.

With SIP billing 2, data is accepted seamlessly from SIPe’s or other third party systems in CSV format via FTP from meter loggers or a monitoring system, from which tenant bills are automatically generated and sent via email. Third party meter loggers or monitoring systems may also be used where data can be transferred via CSV/FTP. The user interface for SIP billing 2 has been enhanced, with new intuitive display for adding or altering monitoring points on the system, while tenants can view and compare their own energy usage.

New Features

SIP billing 2 incorporates many new features as well as industry leading developments including:

  • Apportioned energy billing
  • Tenant usage comparison
  • Meter monitoring service
  • Billing on demand
  • Energy usage reporting
  • Enhanced user experience

Fixed cost pricing

SIP billing 2 continues to use a fixed cost price structure which provides landlords with peace of mind and helps budgetary planning, while the system’s accurate billing ensures the costs of the tenants energy use is accurately recharged.

The fixed cost pricing structure also makes SIP billing 2 the perfect option for resellers to specify and implement for their customers as part of the installation costs for a new build or refurbishment projects.


// SIP Billing 2 functionality

Use the display chart below to see the user functionality

Access portal via web browser Yes
Single login - multi user Yes
Individual login per user Yes
Update user details Yes
Landlord administration
Set multi tariffs
Apply standing charges Yes
Tariff updates by date
Variable bill dates Yes
Tenants usage reports
Branding capabilities for tenant area Yes
View consumption data Yes
View costs to date Yes
View previous bills Yes
Month by month comparison of bills Yes
Month by month comparison of consumption Yes