iNSIGHT software solutions
Cloud based software solutions for Building performance and automated tenant billing

iNSIGHT is the name for our cloud based software as a service solutions that we offer to the market. Using our extensive knowledge of building controls, interfacing, data acquisition and energy monitoring enabled us to create solutions which are fit for purpose and deliver the features and functionality customers require.

Our iNSIGHT solutions are cost effective, easily to use and reliable. Building on the principles we have always applied when creating our proven hardware solutions.


iNSIGHT software solutions from Synapsys are fixed cost solutions and pricing for both Energy and Billing are based on the number / type of data points being monitored. iNSIGHT Energy and Billing are also cloud based, meaning customers will always have our most up to date version of the software running and scaling the systems up and down is made much simpler.

Our software solutions accept data from a range metering and monitoring solutions as well as data loggers and our own range of SIP hardware devices, giving you the freedom to select the hardware you want to use.

Both Energy and Billing are also able to monitor across different buildings or locations and because the costs are based on the data points being pulled into the software this enables systems to be easily, quickly and very cost effectively scaled up and down.

// Energy Building Information Software

The key to energy management is continuous improvement, but in order to achieve this, real information is required. Building managers have access to a lot of data, from metering systems and Building Management Systems (BMS), but analysing data from two independently run systems can be complicated and ineffective.

iNSIGHT Energy Building Information Service, our cloud based solution for building performance, takes these two data sets and provides a single source of comprehensive data which can be properly viewed and analysed by a building or energy manager. The data collected can be displayed on charts of the user’s preference so that consumption trends can be spotted easily and acted upon. By identifying how, when and where a building uses the most energy, the manager can develop an effective control strategy that can be implemented and tracked to maximise savings.

iNSIGHT Energy Building Information Service, comes complete with features and tools ready to use without the need for additional complex engineering and specialist graphic building requirements.

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// Simple, flexible automated tenant billing

iNSIGHT Billing is an easy-to-implement efficient solution which pulls utility consumption data from meter loggers or a metering system together in an easy-to-use cloud based billing portal.

Developed in response to requests for a tenant billing solution that meets the new Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations and ensures tenants are billed fairly according to actual energy usage. This is accomplished by a process of energy apportionment within the system. It provides total visibility of energy usage throughout a building and ensures that energy used in shared spaces or to supply heating or cooling to a tenant area is fairly apportioned between building users.

The software providing landlords with the ability to automatically bill tenants based on their apportioned energy calculations. The system effectively joins up the dots — providing a portal for the landlord to view, monitor and make adjustments to the system and charges, but also for the tenant to view and monitor their energy bills and usage.

Data is accepted into the software from meter loggers or a monitoring system and from these sources tenant bills can be automatically generated at intervals determined by the landlord and sent via email.

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