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With more and more of our city centres being redeveloped with apartment blocks and multi-use buildings, the need for accurate and efficient apartment monitoring has become an essential requirement in running these buildings effectively. Add to this the increasing cost of energy and with new regulations and carbon targets coming into effect over the coming years it has become more important than ever for building owners to understand the energy usage of their tenants and bill them accordingly.

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// Apartment monitoring for all requirements

Synapsys has worked closely with a number of Building owners, Contractors and Consultants to develop an apartment monitoring solution which is fit for purpose, provides all the data required for billing and energy monitoring as well as the software platform to be able to carry out those tasks.

Using our proven SIP2 hardware solution we collect all the data from available meters such as water, heating, cooling and electricity and then transfer that data to our iNSIGHT SaaS platform for automated billing and energy performance monitoring.

// The need for accurate automated tenant billing

In developing our solution along with Building owners and Consultants it became very apparent the need was to provide them with an efficient solution to ensure they could accurately bill tenants for the energy they use and this was driven by a number of reasons including:

• Ensuring tenants fees are covering the cost of the services provided
• Regulations such as the Heat Network (metering & billing) regulations 2014
• Time saving – no need for manual meter readings
• Cutting usage as energy costs escalate
• Provide tenants with greater visibility of their own energy usage

However to provide accurate billing it is essential the data being collected is both correct and reliably transferred and this is where our expertise and proven hardware comes to the fore.

Our proven SIP2 multi-protocol device enables data to be collected from a huge range of different devices including meters, sensors and IoT enabled devices over a large range of different protocol types. This data is then seamlessly transferred to our iNSIGHT SaaS solution which enables the billing to take place.

// Building performance for the future

Out of our discussions it also highlighted the need for easier to understand energy and building performance data which can be easily analysed and used quickly to see where improvements could be made to ensure efficiency targets are met. Our existing iNSIGHT SaaS software proved perfect this requirement.

Utilising the same SIP2 hardware, data is sent from all connected devices and systems to iNSIGHT which then provides users with a single source of comprehensive data which can be properly viewed and analysed. The data can be displayed on charts of the user’s preference (e.g. bar chart, line graph etc) so that consumption trends can be spotted easily and acted upon. By identifying how, when and where a building uses the most energy, the user can develop an effective energy saving strategy that can be implemented and tracked to maximise savings.

// Our solution

Our efficient solution for apartment monitoring uses our proven hardware and software enabling building owners to accurately bill tenants and also monitor the overall building performance from apartment level, to floors, to blocks and even building estates.

Apartment monitoring solution

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