Maximise your building’s energy saving potential

Discover how SIPinsight EBIS can unlock the real energy-saving potential behind your building’s data.

SIPinsight EBIS

In our previous blog we explained how a Building Management System (BMS) teamed with Energy data can make a positive difference to your building’s energy efficiency. Here we will go into more detail about the energy saving potential and benefits SIPinsight Energy & Building Information Software (EBIS) can bring to your building.

We have discussed in previous blogs, there is an array of building technology solutions available that can make your building smart, or more intelligent. While there are plenty of options available, the only way to get the best value from these solutions and systems is to deploy them in a way that will help you continuously make improvements to how your building operates. It can be all too easy to install a BMS in your building and sit back and feel that you have done the right thing, and all will work well. Investing in a BMS is most definitely a step in the right direction. However, if you’re truly serious about making meaningful changes to your building’s energy consumption, real, actionable information is required. This information is gained from the building’s data, but before detailed analysis can take place you need to have all the data in one place.

Building managers have access to a vast amount of data, but it only becomes information if it can be properly understood. As technology has evolved, building managers find themselves in a situation where they have numerous different systems operating independently, resulting in the building’s data coming from various sources. This can lead to confusion, longer term energy wastage and the building performing inefficiently. A system which pulls all this data together, such as SIPinsight EBIS from Synapsys Solutions, takes the different data sets and provides a single source of comprehensive data which can be properly analysed.

With SIPinsight EBIS, a building manager can quickly view a wide range of information, with the data being displayed on charts of the user’s preference (e.g. bar chart, line graph etc). Going back to the ‘dashboard’ analogy in our previous blog, the easy-to-read format allows the building manager to make comparisons on energy use, or information on the energy used by core services such as communal areas or lifts. Comparisons can also be made across different buildings in an estate and for the provision of energy usage by type, such as separating the respective energy demands from light and power. By identifying how, when and where a building uses the most energy the manager can develop an effective control strategy that can be tested and implemented to maximise energy saving potential

In order to achieve and exceed the targets that governments and organisations are setting themselves, building owners and managers must make wise choices when selecting the technology systems for their building.

Perhaps it’s time you discovered how SIPinsight EBIS can unlock the real energy-saving potential behind your building’s data.

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