Lunatone 7” Touchscreen lighting control

Commission and control a DALI system with up to 2 DALI circuits to a total of 128 DALI operating devices

Lunatone 7" touchscreen

The Lunatone 7” colour touch screen with 24-bit colour depth allows both the commissioning and the control and operation of a DALI system with 2 DALI circuits, up to a total of 128 DALI operating devices.

Control features supported include dimming and switching of groups, manual or time-controlled scene calls, weekday-controlled processes (schedules), RGB colour light management and colour temperature control, calling up circadian daylight gradients, human centric lighting as well as the creation and use of user-defined pages.

The Touchscreen is ideal for use in meeting rooms, offices, apartments and other applications where a simple touchscreen control solution is required.

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