Introducing our New SIPslice IP Converter

The SIPslice IP Converter is the latest addition to our range of innovative and simple to use accessories

SIP IP Converter

The New SIPslice IP Converter from Synapsys is a new device developed to provide a simple and efficient way of converting ModBus, M-Bus or single pulse Serial communications messages to ModBus or M-Bus TCP/IP communications messages.

The device utilises built in web pages to configure the communication parameters necessary to convert the serial communications to the TCP/IP network.

When configured the hardware allows information from a network of ModBus or M-Bus Serial slave addresses to be transferred to ModBus or M-Bus TCP/IP Master(s). The digital/pulse acquisition input will appear as a unique address on the fieldbus network.

The hardware has been designed with a small footprint making them ideal for inclusion within panels and other locations where space is at a premium.

Learn more about the SIPslice IP Converter or call us on 01444 246 128 to find our more.