iNSIGHT software solutions

Have you seen our iNSIGHT software solutions for Building performance and automated tenant billing?

iNSIGHT software for Energy and Tenant billing

Our iNSIGHT software as a service (SaaS) is a fixed cost solution and pricing for both Energy and Billing are based on the number and or type of data points being monitored. iNSIGHT solutions are also cloud based, meaning customers will always have our most up to date version of the software running and scaling of the systems up and down is made much quicker and simpler.

iNSIGHT accepts data from a range metering and monitoring solutions, IoT devices as well as data loggers and our own range of SIP hardware devices, giving you the freedom to select the hardware you want to use on site.

Both our iNSIGHT Energy and Billing solutions are able to monitor across different buildings, estates or locations and because the costs are based on the data points being pulled into the software this enables systems to be easily, quickly and very cost effectively scaled up and down.

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