Solutions for high end residential developments
Improving energy efficiency in ‘smart’ homes
Designed to high standards of energy efficiency, today’s high end residential developments feature the latest home automation technology for building services and entertainment systems. Integrating these systems to a BMS can help a home run smoothly and help keep running costs low by maximising energy efficiency.
How can Synapsys help?
Interface building services such as heating, cooling and lighting control to BMS (Trend/BACnet) for improved energy efficiency
Interface Audio Visual systems to BMS

All homes today are built to set standard of energy efficiency, but it’s at the higher end of the market that residential projects really get high-tech. Highly-insulated homes often feature mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), as well as more everyday services such as heating and air conditioning. There may be renewable technology such as heat pumps, or solar thermal water heating to integrate, while other building systems may include lighting control, room occupancy monitoring, alarm systems and CCTV. In addition, such homes often feature state-of-the-art entertainment systems such as Creston and AMX for integrated multimedia systems and distributed audio-visual.

Bringing as many systems as possible under the control of a BMS (Trend/BACnet) can make life simpler and more comfortable for the occupier. Automatic control means building services work together efficiently for a home with extremely low running costs.

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