Fair shares for energy bills

Check out our latest feature article in MBS magazine this month.

This months MBS magazine includes our latest feature article on apportioned energy and how it can encourage energy savings.

“Sharing energy bills among the tenants of a building according to the amount of energy each one actually uses is not only fair but can also encourage them to reduce their energy consumption. Matt Gardner looks at the benefits of apportioned energy and explains why the concept is gaining in popularity”.

“Energy monitoring in commercial buildings is now commonplace and is helping building owners and managers to understand their energy usage and in, many cases, reduce it. But for many, the ability to monitor doesn’t provide the whole picture, and more and more building owners and managers require the ability to apportion their energy so that shared services energy such as heating and cooling is fairly charged between building users based on individual tenant demands”.

Download the full article here and visit our SIPbilling page for more information, also check out the case study about our project at the Barbican.