Eco-Airvent become a Trend OEM managed by Synapsys

Utilising Trend IQECO or IQ412 controllers with Synapsys bespoke software

Eco-Airvent are the latest ventilation manufacturer to become a Trend OEM managed by Synapsys. They are utilising Trend IQECO or IQ412 controllers which use Synapsys bespoke software to control Eco-Airmix units, providing them with the advanced control solution they were looking for.

Eco-Airvent products use cutting edge design to produce robustly engineered commercial ventilation products with exceptionally LOW energy use. They manufacture a wide range of mechanical and natural ventilation products installed in a wide range of commercial applications ranging from office developments to schools.

For more information on the benefits of becoming a Trend OEM partner please visit our dedicated OEM webpage or contact us by email.