Do you really want your energy data stuck in a BMS system?

or do you want to set your building data free.

Data locked in a BMS

A number of BMS providers will tell you the answer to this is yes, and in a number of ways they are correct. Everything is integrated; you can view the data through their system, probably purchase additional bolt-on from the supplier to be able to do other applications such as analytics for example.

However what they are probably not telling you is that the data collected by the BMS is very difficult to get out. Dig deeper and when you start to use your energy data for other purposes, for instance analytics or billing, a number of issues arise. The data is stuck within that BMS system, leaving you with a limited choice of providers for these applications, usually the BMS provider itself. Data from meters in the BMS is a great idea, however can you really run a billing application from that data, and can you ensure it has not been manipulated within the BMS?

The most logical solution is to ensure your data is collected by a product which allows data to be both sent to the BMS of your choice but also allow the data to be accessed by you or by third party systems. This provides flexibility and also enables systems to be changed as and when required, not tying the end user or building to one system provider.

Our range of SIP+ and SIP2 hardware solutions collect and disseminate data which gives you ultimate flexibility. When collecting data via our products you choose which systems receive the data, you can choose who receives it directly, you can change your mind, and after all it’s your data – why should it be locked in the BMS.

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