Delivering EMS and Billing solutions

Synapsys have delivered an EMS and Billing solution for a prestigious new development in West London.

Building with EMS and Billing solutions

Working closely with the main client, developer, M&E Contractor, Controls House & Managing Agents Synapsys have delivered an EMS and Billing solution for a prestigious new development in West London.

SIP+ Data Loggers and Interfaces were used to integrate over 400 ModBus, M-Bus and Pulse meters to the onsite BMS. The amount of hardware was significantly reduced by using SIP+ devices with our SIPslice M-Bus and SIPslice Serial protocol modules, reducing the amount of panel space required and engineering time with SIP+ having multiple on board drivers. This allowed a high degree of functionality and flexibility when commissioning data to the onsite BMS, onsite dashboards and exporting data to our SIP Billing software platform.

By selecting SIP+ as the core method of acquiring data the building is also future proofed for any future demand for data as each device can map data to up to 20 recipients via email and FTP whilst on board IoT tools including MQTT and REST can be activated to integrate with analytic software when required.

SIP+ works seamlessly with SIPinsight Billing, our advanced billing software that ensures ALL energy costs are accounted for and assigned to tenants in the correct way. Thermal energy is apportioned based on individual tenant demand and all residual electrical energy being accurately identified, calculated and apportioned to each tenant and each tenant being billed direct by the system. SIPinsight Billing will then generate a summary report for the managing agents and their carbon consultants each month.

For more information about how our EMS and Billing solutions are being used to make buildings smarter and more efficient view our latest case studies and news item on the recent billing project at Jewish Care’s Wohl Court Independent living site.

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