DALI2 What does it mean for you?

DALI-2 is the latest standard of DALI, but what does that bring to you…

DALI2 is the latest standard of DALI. Offering improved interoperability between different manufacturers devices via mandatory compliance testing and certification all with backward compatibility to DALI.

Our LiGO technology has always been ahead of the curve offering our customers a range of flexible features and class leading benefits. Now with the advent of DALI2 it has enabled us to open up more of our technologies potential, including:

Energy functionality
Values for Apparent power/energy and Active power/energy are available for the first time from within the lighting ballast (please check with ballast manufacturer as this is not a feature present in all ballasts). This in turn gives the ability to pass this data through LiGO enabling lighting energy to be easily and more accurately monitored than ever before. It also enables the

With the new DALI2 Standard DALI manufacturers of input devices, such as sensors, scene plates, switches and other devices no longer use features that are proprietary to their own systems. This standardisation means its easier than ever to incorporate different manufacturers products into your lighting scheme.

LiGO has always been exceptionally flexible, working with Blue-chip manufacturers on incorporating a range of input devices, such as sensors, scene plates, and DALI accessories. With DALI2 the range of choice is now wider than ever, with devices ranging in suitability from commercial to high end architectural wall plates giving you freedom of choice and negating the need for alternative comm’s bus.

Additional functionality
DALI2 extends the already feature rich command set that came with DALI, such as extended fade times and more flexible grouping. LiGO has always been bursting at the seams with features brought from our deep history in commercial building controls, many ideas and features are now available as part of the DALI2 standard. For instance hours run of a ballast can now be read from the device, this has been available from LiGO since its conception. New features such as the number of lamp starts could be used in determining tuning of lighting areas, as an example LED’s degrade when switched off/started, something that you don’t want with your expensive LED real estate.

Download our DALI2 information sheet here.

If you would like to discuss more about DALI2 or discuss our LiGO lighting solutions in more detail, please contact us on 01444 246 128 or email us.